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Transformers - Distribution - Dry Type - Station: Moloney, Cooper Power Systems, ABB, Carte, Howard, VA TECH, Northern, Pioneer and many more

1 and 3 phase Polemount, Padmount, Submersible and Vault type oil filled distribution transformers. 5 KVA to 2500KVA, 1.2 KV to 34.5 KV. New - Remanufactured - Rebuilt - Reconditioned Oil testing, transformer repairs, field services and reconditioning.

Changing voltages or upgrading? Lakeport supplies new and reconditioned, pole and pad mounted, single and three phase distribution transformers.

We also purchase good quality used units. Call us. Buying or selling, we have the cost-saving solution. We also can provide new and used dry type transformers, as well as new, used or rebuilt station transformers.

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Wire & CableGeneral Wire & Cable, Priority Wire & Cable, Prysmian, Nexans, Nehring, ZTT Cable and more

Overhead and underground line wires to medium voltage UD cables, bare conductors.

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Powerline Hardware, ABB - Silicone Cut-outs

Single and three-phase disconnects, cutouts, fuse links, power fuses, in-lines, fused, station switches, padmounted gear, group operated 1-phase and 3-phase.

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Powerline, Victor, Lapp, Newell, NGK-Locke, Enerscan

A wide array of premium high voltage insulators including; universal line post insulators, and all types of porcelain and polymer, including: suspension, pin type, line post; cap/pin, station post, strain and spool.

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3KV and up, distribution class, riser class, intermediate and station class. Silicone & Polymer housing.

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Hubbell Cable Accessories, Royal Pipe -  PVC Duct & Fittings

Maysteel, Nordic Fiberglass, Brooklin Concrete 

Sectionalizing Enclosures, Junction Assemblies, Transformer & Switchgear Support Pads, Secondary Hand Holes, Pedestals,  

Splices, terminations, cold shrink and heat shrink products, fault indicators, padmounted gear, handholes, transformer pads, pedestals, sectionalizers, enclosures, concrete products.

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Poleline Hardware:
Hydel, EPAC, Powerline Hardware, Allied Bolt, Preformed Line Products, Sling Choker (Wire Rope) 

Helical Products, anchors, grounding, transmission and distribution line hardware, fibreglass brackets, preform grips, suspension and conductor clamps, machine bolts, insulator studs, aluminum equipment and transformer mounts, guy and cable guards, wood arms and timbers, aluminum and steel distibution poles, composite poles, steel strapping and buckles, pulling and support grips.

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Poles, Crossarms, Lighting:

Shakespeare Fiberglass Crossarms - Tangent, Dead-end and custom timbers made from pultruded fiberglass. Light weight, non-conductive, very strong & excellent life cycle out perform wood, safer than steel, easy to work with.

Shakespeare Composite Structures - Composite distribution (one piece available to 50ft. & transmission poles sectional to 130 feet and wide selection of decorative lighting poles. Communication poles custom engineered to your requirements. One pice to 50ft. saves time, cost and weight plus our capability to reach 130ft. sets apart from our competitors. 

Stresscrete, USI - Concrete Poles

Powco - Steel Poles

General Electric, LED Roadway, Solera, Accendo - Roadway lighting, Cobra Heads & Decorative, HID, metal halide, High pressure sodium, induction and LED  

We also offer streetlighting pedestals, breakers, roadway & area lighting, decorative fixtures, photo controls, lamps, relays, brackets, fuseholders, ballasts, PLUS: New, used, reconditioned or rebuilt. Cobra heads; HPS; MV; MH; decorative; area floods.

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Tools & Safety Accessories:
Hand & HydraulicTools, Spike Tool, AGO - Clothing, Bethea, Bridgeline Ropes, Electromark Labels/Signs, Hook International, Hastings, Huskie, Salisbury 

Spike Tool - safiest way to psitively ensure cable is not energized before you cut into it, "Spike it"

Hydraulic hand tools, hotline tools and cover-up, gloves, blankets and clothing.

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