Transformer Field Service

Lakeport Power Ltd. provides on-site energized refinishing services to utilities and municipalities. Our specially trained and equipped personnel refinish all types of padmount transformers & switchgear. We have a growing list of utility customers who rely on us to restore their equipment. Sensitive to the needs of your customers, we provide an automotive quality paint finish that pleases both homeowners and business', that protects the utilities' equipment investment. Not having to remove the unit from service means no interruptions and meters are still turning. Call us today to discover how little it costs to restore your deteriorating units! 

At Lakeport we even provide onsite solutions such as rusted sill plate replacement. Many Utilities have discovered the value in leaving their transformers energized while crews replace rust compromised sill plates. In the past because of transformer tamperproofing being compromised, the replacement of these rusted transformers required complete removal. This results in interrupted customer service, lost revenue and big capital expenses. Lakeport can provide cost effective, pre-finished replacement sill plates that can be field installed using either our qualified technicians or yours. By partnering with PPG, the world leader in environmental coatings protection, we are able to offer superior finish durability in both residental and commercial applications for Ontario's transformer and switchgear environments. Our finishes excel in the toughest of environments including road salt, amateur artists, skateboards and other nasties. 

Our field service technicians are available to visit your utility and perform a variety of services. With ESA requiring testing of field return units, Lakeport can visit your facility and provide transformer testing to CSA specs complete with certified reports. This keeps your equipment secure in your yard, eliminates transportation costs, and ensures that it is ready when needed. We also provide te following services: PCB oil analysis, cataloguing, sorting, tagging/bar coding, grading, repair, sales and scrap disposal. Lakeport can also provide onsite energized transformer oil sampling, certified lab analysis, GPS locating, cataloguing and a variety of custom services tailored to meet your requirements. Discover today what we can do for your utility.

Not only do we sell, repair, test & refinish your transformers and switchgear; we offer cradle to grave solutions that include environmentally responsible recycling through either finding a secondary market for re-use or by resource recovery through scrap dismantling. Lakeport is your complete value added solution provider.  

Transformer Repair Facility

Lakeport Power Ltd. offers customers on time repairs to pole mounted and padmounted distribution transformers. This cost effective solution saves Utilities time and money. From simply testing units returned from the field, to full rebuilding, Lakeport is your choice. We can provide professional refinishing, labelling and certified test reports on budget and on time. Contact your customer service representative for more details.

Recloser Repair & Reconditioning & Sales

Our master technician has over 40 years' experience with recloser repair and maintenance. We offer in-house repairs and reconditioning to most oil circuit and vacuum Cooper/Kyle units with fast turn around and competitive rates. Ask us about our exchange program.

Padmounted Switchgear Reconditioning & Sales

We offer in-house repairs and reconditioning to all manufacturers units along with sales of Shallbetter, S&C Electric and Federal Pacific padmounted switchgear. Whether damaged by vehicle traffic, flashed over or simply requiring maintenance and cleaning, Lakeport can offer you on-time cost savings, professional refinishing and certified test reports. We have proven switchgear repair experience; rely on Lakeport to save you time and money. 

Substation Repair & Maintenance

Our licensed and trained professionals are ready to install, repair, replace and maintain your substation. Lakeport can offer reliabilty upgrading and preventative maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize production. Don't change your station without consultation; a Lakeport representative can analyse your scenario before you spend a dime, and provide the best solutions. Contact you customer service representative for more information; you'll be glad you did. 

Worldwide Installation & Maintenance

Lakeport Power Ltd. is experienced in providing both skilled labour and equipment around the world for generation, transmission and distribution systems. Whether you need Engineering assistance, consulting services, installation and training we help customers get their projects off the ground. 


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